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The Art Of Real Estate

The Art of Real Estate FAQ

1. Why did you write “The Art of Real Estate?”
As Realtors in the top one percent of all agents nationwide, Debbi DiMaggio and partner/husband Adam Betta wrote, “The Art of Real Estate” (April 14, 2015) to help buyers, sellers and Realtors by sharing their winning VIP Philosophy that naturally draws referrals, happy clients and return customers. The goal of their book is to “Educate, Communicate and Inspire.”

Debbi DiMaggio explains, “We wrote this book as a guide to help buyers, sellers and Realtors alike. What you will find in our book is simply what we say and do each and everyday. Home-buying and selling is one of the top five most stressful life events next to death and divorce. Sharing what we know and how we do it is just another way we can give back.”

After Adam and Debbi sold their client’s home, who happened to be the publisher of Contained Beauty, he was amazed by what they did. The publisher (Rob) and his wife had lived in their home for over 25 years, and were overwhelmed by the prospect of moving. After we guided them through the entire process from packing up, preparing their home for market, marketing their home and guiding them to find a new home, Rob felt strongly that Debbi and Adam’s success tips had to be shared with the public – not only to help future sellers with the daunting task ahead, but to share this winning formula with agents.

2. Who should read this book?
Anyone who wants success tips for to buying, selling or investing in real estate in a fun, easy and practical guide can benefit by reading “The Art of Real Estate”. This book is a must-have for Realtors seeking to improve their own business.

3. Why should someone read this book?
“The Art of Real Estate” provides insights to buyers trying to navigate the various markets, sellers trying to wrap their head around of the huge task ahead, and Realtors seeking to learn how to improve their own business. It’s an easy-to-read guide with checklists, fun graphics and advice tips to help buyers and sellers navigate local market trends, choose the ideal real estate partner, successfully market a home for sale, and manage financial concerns, among many other topics.

4. How is this book different than other real estate books?
Along with easy-to-follow checklists, the core of this book is based on Debbi and Adam’s VIP Philosophy, which includes treating everyone like a VIP from the contractors (plumbers, painters, interior designers) to movie star clients. Debbi DiMaggio and Adam Betta are recognized as industry leaders in one of the top real state markets in the world. Based on high trust and referrals, their client list reads like the credits of a Hollywood blockbuster, including such celebrities as Julianne Moore, Sally Field, Hugh Grant, Ted Danson, Tom Arnold, and Macaulay Culkin.

5. What will people learn from this book?
Readers will find a winning formula for real estate transactions in this fun, practical and easy-to-read guide that includes:
• How hyper-local residential real estate is to each city, and how it differs by region from state-to-state
• How to position a buyer or seller for success
• How home-buyers source homes, and the importance of professional imagery, no matter the price point
• How to choose the right agent who is current in marketing (social media and more), is a team player and has a good reputation in the local market
• Plus, an easy step-by-step breakdown of real estate transactions for both Buyers and Sellers

6. What qualities should people look for when selecting a real estate agent?
Aside from stellar communication skills, accessibility, integrity, and experience, a top agent is one who goes above and beyond. A good agent is also a realistic agent, one who is careful not to over- promise when working with Sellers.

7. What are the top three-myth busters for Buyers?
The top three-myth busters for Buyers include buying and owning is always better than renting, buying costs more than renting, and real estate agents require large commissions.

8. What are the top three myth-busters for Sellers?
The top 3 common misconceptions for Sellers include the impression that they don’t need a seller’s agent, Seller’s agent charge steep commissions and any renovations that the home needs can be left to the new owner.

9. How are you combining your work with charity?
Debbi and Adam donated 100% of the book sales profits to charity in the first week, and will continue this approach for future events. This dynamic duo sold 40 books at their first book signing, and will be writing a $500 check to East Bay Agency for Children.

Debbi uses her client services and nurturing passions as a mother to support many children and charities. Her role model is Lady Diana, who also focused on children’s charities. Some of many charities Debbi DiMaggio and Adam Betta support include the Salvation Army, Children’s Support League, Boys’ and Girls’ Town of Italy, East Bay Agency for Children, George Mark’s Childrens’ House, and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland.

10. How can this book help others to aspire to greatness?
Debbi DiMaggio is a master networker and marketer, who has transformed others as a role model. She genuinely wants to help other real estate agents succeed, and has received great praise, including:

“Debbi wakes at dawn to do for others most mornings I know of. That being said, the last two days have been the beginning of an amazing journey for Debbi. Among phone interviews, serving her clients and running her home, Debbi’s energizer bunny battery pack never ends. Bright eyes, warm demeanor and brilliant smile are always what you see first. Debbi’s launch party at Cuyana on Union Square in San Francisco raised over $500.00 for the George Mark Children’s House, the charity who received 100% of the proceeds from book sales that evening. Debbi’s second book signing at 1515 Restaurant in Walnut Creek on Wednesday, April 15th followed by an early morning speaking engagement and book signing at the San Mateo California Association of Realtors, raised another $500.00, this time 100% of the proceeds were earmarked for the East Bay Agency for Children another children’s charity close to her heart. Debbi’s book signing at 1515 Restaurant in Walnut Creek on Wednesday, raised over $500.00 for our local Childrens’ charity. Thursday brought with it an early speaking engagement and book signing. Debbi raised $300.00 for the Childrens’ charity there. She is always the last to leave. Never in a rush, being sure to take time to answer any questions and to thank literally everyone in attendance. Her passion to help people is just beyond belief.”
– Angela Psuik, Realtor, Corporate Branding Specialist, Personal Manager and Mommy of Four

11. Where can you buy “The Are of Real Estate” book?
“The Art of Real Estate” (Source Book Publ., Half Full Press, Amazon, April 2015) is now available on Amazon for purchase here.

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