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Giving Back

How Public Can Support ‘Love Bravely’

To celebrate a brave young adult’s 25th Birthday on August 28, 2015, a San Francisco team (Philanthropist Debbi DiMaggio and George Mark Children’s House) is asking the public to send birthday cheers, cards and videos on social media to sup...

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Debbi and Adam Join Giveback Homes

Debbi and Adam Join Giveback Homes and pledge a percentage of their commission to build homes for those without by partnering with fellow Realtors who share the same values. Authors, Realtors and Philanthropists Debbi DiMaggio and her partn...

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Debbi Di Maggio Makes Fashion Dreams Come True

Bay Area Author and Philanthropist Debbi DiMaggio announces “Make Fashion Dreams Come True for Tashawna’s 25th Birthday” campaign (July 1 - August 31, 2015) today with George Mark Children’s House. Tashawna is a young adult, who is brav...

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California Bookwatch Book Review

The Art of Real Estate By Debbi DiMaggio & Adam Betta Half Full Press $19.95 The Art of Real Estate: The Insider's Guide to Bay Area Residential Real Estate considers all kinds of influences on Bay Area residential real estate trends...

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