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California Bookwatch Book Review

The Art of Real Estate
By Debbi DiMaggio & Adam Betta
Half Full Press $19.95

The Art of Real Estate: The Insider’s Guide to Bay Area Residential Real Estate considers all kinds of influences on Bay Area residential real estate trends and trends by top 1 percent Realtors in the US, who share their best practices to help buyers, sellers and Realtors.

It comes packed with tips and checklists for home buyers that include how new buyers can assess a neighborhood, seek out agents who specialize in the kinds of property desired, and understand the entire home purchase process from handling inspects to making a bid. On the other side, sellers are treated to insights on what’s involved in home staging, how to obtain a seller’s agent, understanding the multiple listing service resource, and the tax ramifications of selling a home.

All this information is in other real estate how-to books; but having both buyer and seller concerns under one cover, adding specifics for the San Francisco Bay Area’s volatile market and encouraging this book’s use in conjunction with working alongside a professional real estate agent, makes for a guide that features an easy symbol system for at-a-glance references and an approach that relies on explanations of procedures on all sides to smooth out transactions and address common questions.

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The Art of Real Estate, Insider’s Guide To Real Estate for Buyers, Sellers and Realtors

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